Monday, January 18, 2010

To have a secret in the drawer.

The weekend went well. Saturday we accepted some furniture from our neighbor, as she is moving. She gave us several nice pieces, we are already praying for whom the Lord will place in the house next. They are not aware of it yet, but they will be hearing about Jesus shortly. Angie did good on the Sunday school lesson, my part went good as well.

The title of this blog is a direct translation of a french phrase "avoir un polichinelle dans le tiroir", "to have a puppet or secret in the drawer". A better English translation would be "to have a bun in the oven". It means to be pregnant. Yes, you guessed it, we are expecting a baby. Surprise! We are surprised yet excited by this news. Angie will be due in early September. That is the reason why we are moving up our trip to the US to be from April through June. We told Lilia last night, after we told our parents, she was really excited. Afterwards I went to her room to check in on her and she said, "Daddy, I am so happy I have been crying." We told the boys this morning. Caleb said, "wow" and wanted to touch Angie's stomach. Micah ran and gave Angie a hug. Andrew said, "We are gonna have a present." The boys kept refering to the new arrival as "he", so I explained that it could be a girl; which none of them had thought about. Lilia liked that idea. So the news is out. Attached pictures are of Micah and Andrew at a week old, Micah at home and Andrew in the NICU. God bless, JASON


Patricia said...


Leave room in your schedule to come see us in MS while you are in the states.

I saw Paul's mysterious blog and decided to check your's and solved the mystery.

I love reading your blogs.

Love y'all,
Aunt Tricia

Stacie said...

And I the last to know. :( But that's what I get for not checking online yesterday. Dad told me the good news yesterday afternoon.

I predict girl. I know Lilia would love a little sister to dress up. :)

We told the kids and they were excited for y'all too. They said, "Yea! They'll have five too!"

So Elijah will have a best friend too. :) Looking forward to seeing y'all soon.

Cory said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome. You crazy kids certainly know how to make the babies:)

Reynaud Family said...