Sunday, January 24, 2010

The clown and the magician.

The Bible study went well Thursday night. We had four people visiting. We had a lesson over the cleansing of the leper (Leviticus 14). Friday we got our tickets purchased for the states. Friday night we enjoyed having some friends from Carcassonne over for supper. We enjoyed the evening. Lilia talked almost non-stop the entire evening. Saturday I got some flowers planted and got my kids Sunday school lesson ready for Sunday. Services went good in Carcassonne today. Afterwards we went to a event in our town that was a mix between an end of year party and a city coucil meeting. There was a clown and a magician that the kids really enjoyed, and they had snacks and presents for all the kids. It was enjoyable and we really liked being able to get out into the community. It lasted almost to seven o'clock, so we rushed home and grabed some sandwiches, bathed the kids, and got their homework all checked over. I missed hearing our services from our church in Hillsboro, but I am glad for the opportunity to make new contacts. This next week will be busy with Doctor appointments and studying. Attached pictures are from this afternoon. God bless, JASON

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