Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Fridays a week.

Wednesday has arrived, which means no school and a chance to catch up on all other things. We were talking with other students after school finished Tuesday about how it feels like we have two Fridays a week. Lilia is doing fine. She showed no more symptoms or signs of having any troubles. Last night we had a babysitter and Angie and I went to Paris. We planned on visiting the Bible book store, but found out it was closed when we got there. We did some window shopping which was fun. We ate at McDonalds (which was great!) and did a little shopping at Cora. Today we get homework finished up for us and the kids and housework. I would like to get a summary done of a study of Job I did recently. I will include below a poem that we were assigned to write in class on the subject of "Le Chant des Villes". I thought of our small town of Henderson and Limoux as I was writing it. God bless, JASON

Comment ça va, le chant des villes?
Est-ce que c'est doux comme la musique classique?
Ou plus chaotique que la musique électronique?
Chaque ville a-t-elle une unique pièce musicale?
Comment on trouve la partition locale?
Est-ce qu'on demande aux habitants?
Ou est-ce qu'il faut qu'on y vive depuis longtemps?
C'est le lieu qui est le concertiste?
Ou plutôt les gens qui jouent le rôle-titre?
Qui choisit les instruments?
Qui fournit cette ambiance?
Pourrait-elle être changée?
Dès-que les notes ont été créées?

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