Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something different.

Today was different than expected. I woke up with a fever, sore throat, and headache. There was a "greve" (strike) of the teachers at Micah's school so Angie had planned to stay home with Micah and another child whose parents go to the language school. We had to make some changes. I do not like to miss school, never had. But I am sure all the others in the class are glad that I am not there getting them sick. I was scheduled to lead the music during chapel today, but had to pass that off as well. I have an idea as to why I am sick. I prayed last night for God to make it to where I could have more time with him. And here I am! A whole day off. I have enjoyed some study time today.
Yesterday Angie and Lilia went into Paris on a guided tour of several sites. They learned a lot of interesting stuff and had a good day. They spent one hour just standing and looking at the outside of Notre Dame. Every statue and item has a significance. Attached is a picture representing the final judgement. See if you can catch what everything means. Back at home, I took the boys to the language school and let them play in the yard for a while and had a good daddy/son time. God bless, JASON

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