Monday, March 23, 2009

Lasting sickness and Dacia Logan.

Things are still going well, in spite of my lasting sickness. I have continued to be sick all weekend long. It is not very bad, just kind of irritating. I have had low fever at times, frequents headaches, and sore throat. I am ready to get back to school and to the normal routine. I have been doing research during my awake time for buying a car here in the future. I have recently found a Dacia Logan MCV (MCV=7 passenger) to be a really good buy. At first I just figured we would get a used car, but another student who recently pointed out the Dacia is the same price as a used car but brand new. If you are familiar with them I would love your opinion. It is a Romanian car company co-owned by Renault/Nissan. They are inexpensive because there are not a lot of electronics, compared with other cars. They are only about 9,000 euros brand new. They are rugged, easily repaired, plain, but nice. The only negative things I have heard about it are that the interior is not very fancy looking. The gasoline Engine gets about 60 MPG highway. Not bad for a 7 passenger. Another pastor in town here owns one and speaks highly of it, we are going to take a look at theirs to get more of an idea. I have attached a picture of one. Thanks for the prayers and God bless, JASON

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