Monday, March 16, 2009

Beautiful Day

The weather was beautiful today. It got up to about 60 and there was sunshine. Reminded me of winters in Texas. The weekend went real well. We had some good play time with the kids on Saturday and good services Sunday morning. The preacher spoke about the qualifications of a pastor and he did a great job, in my opinion. The church here in Massy is voting soon on a new pastor soon. I missed the services at our church. Usually they are done by Skype, but this time the sound system guy who usually sets it up was absent, so I was going to listen on the Radio online, but the Skype call serves as a reminder that time is near and so I didn't notice until it was too late. School started well this morning. It is interesting to see how everyone kind of drags on Mondays. This afternoon we had Biblical French. We are doing forming lessons at that is going well. It happened again that we found a doctrinal disagreement with our teacher, but that happens. I have been talking with another student who purchased a car recently about the process. In a month or so, we will, Lord willing, do the same. Right now, I am going to go make my favorite meal for the family - hot dogs. Attached is a picture of Lilia "wowed" at the hat museum outside of Limoux. God bless, JASON

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