Monday, March 9, 2009


I spoke yesterday to one of our supporting churches before their morning worship. Pretty amazing technology now a days. We finished our homework last night, that's always a good accomplishment. After school we got a call that Lilia hit heads with another kid while playing tag, and after getting back in was complaining about not seeing some letters when she was reading. We picked her up and took her to a language school student who is a Pediatrician. He said she might have a mild concussion. She was a little nauseous and lethargic. She came home and rested and then got up and started playing. Mark (the pediatrician) came by and checked on her again a couple of hours later and she seemed to doing fine. He told us to wake her up a couple of times tonight and make sure she was okay. In other news, we have two tests this week, but we have a friend babysitting for us tomorrow, Angie and I are going to make a trip to the little Bible book store in Paris. I have never been and look forward to picking up a few things and mainly looking around. Angie and I have always enjoyed music and worship, I will attach a video that we have enjoyed several times the last few months (just as i am - David Phelps). Thanks for the prayers and God bless, JASON

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Bro. Matt said...

Everyone enjoyed hearing from you. We keep you in our prayers. Hope Lilia is doing better.