Monday, March 2, 2009

Back to work.

The weekend finished well again. It is nice to be able to understand the services here. Those first few months are difficult for new students (like we were). It is weird to go to church and not understand what is being said. Like some friends of ours said this weekend. "It is work just to go to church and listen". We started school again today. We have moved to another classroom. It is the classroom that we started in and we like it because there are large windows that allow a lot of sun in. We have started new books and in 9 weeks we will be finished with them, so we seem to be moving along quickly. I will attach some pictures of the kids that we made while in Limoux. They are such a blessing. Though I must admit, sometimes I have prayed for God to give me strength to survive my blessing :) God bless, JASON

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Bro. Matt said...

Man...that's all the French do - take vacations. 'Bout time you got back to work!