Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rapide (french spelling).

This week has passed rapidly. We are excited about our move to Limoux. There are many things that we need to do to prepare. We have to get language school finished of course. We will need to purchase a car, find a home in Limoux, and get it furnished. School passed well. We have more homework than usual but we have already got a start on getting it done. We have enjoyed spending time with the other language school students. Friday night we spent the day with a family who has 5 kids. Us dads took the kids to the park while the moms prepared the meal. While there I got into conversation with a Muslim lady that was playing with her daughter. After a little small talk she asked, "Are all these kids ya'lls?" I made a video of Caleb. He was telling a story of when he was in school last year. He said one of the other students was reading a book to Caleb. They came across the word "cheval" which means horse, but they told Caleb it was a cow. Caleb tried to tell them it was a "horsy" but they kept saying "cow". It is cute hearing Caleb say "Cow" with a French accent. Enjoy and God bless, JASON

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