Thursday, July 28, 2011


Some of the produce from our friend's garden - tomatoes, 
black tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, cherry
tomatoes, Coeur de boeuf tomato, and zuccini. 

Candid shot before going for a walk to
fly a kite.
The weekend went well.  I thought I did a decent job at church Sunday. This has been a week of getting several small jobs done. Monday and Tuesday I prepared the lesson for Tuesday night.  I also got our financial report sent in. Wednesday I fixed a leak under the hot water heater, fixed a broken doorknob, and washed off the wall of the back porch that was growing moss.  We also placed a few orders for items that my parents will bring when they come.  The weather has really been cool and rainy these last two weeks. Today was the start of a couple of days of sunshine, so I should be able to mow the yard.   I plan on setting up the stand in the market tomorrow morning, and then I am having my lesson with my language partner.  We are trying to translate a really difficult text.  We have been babysitting the garden of our friends who are on vacation for a few weeks.  We are being blessed with all kinds of good stuff. God bless, JASON

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