Monday, July 18, 2011

Lake at Puiverts

Tuesday morning I attended a funeral for one of the ladies who attended the church in Carcassonne. She had no family that could be found and there was just a small group of friends there.  Tuesday afternoon, we went to the lake with some friends.  It was a small lake, what I might even call a pond, but it was nice.  There was a nice play area for the kids and the beach and swim area was not too big.  It was cool and cloudy so there was not a lot of people there. Arianna did not care much for the water so she spent most of her time hanging out with the grown-ups or sleeping.  The kids swam while we played petanque.  I happened to win every game, a shock because this was only my second time to play.  We breaked for lunch, and played a little more in the afternoon.  We really enjoyed the drive there and back.  It was a nice relaxing day. 

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