Friday, July 22, 2011

"Vacation" in full swing

We had to blow out some eggs for the
last youth meeting.  Caleb and Lilia
had the patience to do one apiece.
We had a nice trip to Marseille.  We left at almost 11 and had lunch on the way.  This was a test run for how Arianna would do in the car. Alltogether she spent 7 hours in the car. In a few weeks we are going to Normandy with my parents, which will be at least a 9 hour drive.  She did well, but did require a lot of attention, which might have been partly due to her having a slight temperature the day before, teething I would imagine.  All went well at the Embassy, we enjoyed talking and joking around with the Consul. We did forget the prepaid security envelope, but we just walked to a post office afterwards to pick one up and then we dropped it back by.  We took a scenic route home and had some beautiful views of the Mediteranean.  We arrived home at ten in the evening. Wednesday, the kids were invited to a birthday party of one of Micah's friends.  Angie went with the three oldest kids.  The mother of Micah's friend approached Angie during the party and asked several questions about what we believed and what religion we were.  She said that Micah had been talking with her son about God and her son was asking her questions.  Good job Micah! Thursday I had my conversation time with Eric and we prepared for the Bible Study. I didn't expect a large crowd.  One friend from the church in Carcassonne came and we planned for the next youth meeting.  We invited some of the kids friends (same ones who had the birthday party) over to spend the night tonight, and the whole family to eat lunch with us tomorrow.  Sunday I am leading the service in Carcassonne and I will be bringing their bible study on Tuesday night.  So far the summer "vacation" has gone good.  God bless, JASON

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