Monday, July 11, 2011

Video Done

When the kids play video games they give Arianna a
remote as well.
 It seems like this whole weekend was taken up working on computer problems. I thought I had a good start on the video with all the filming done. But that was just the beginning. I was going to use windows movie maker but it would no longer recognize the video format from my camera. After a lot of research I found that codecs were the problem. After several tries I found a codec that worked, but I still could not get the audio working. Finally I had to download a converter to change the file to something that was a little more windows friendly. It then took a while to get the software working. Then it took a while to convert the videos. Then I could not load them into the movie maker. I tried at first re-indexing my folders and several other things. After more research I found out that there was still a compatibility issue. I had to re-convert all the videos to another format. Finally I was able to start working on getting the video together. That part went fast considering everything else. I only had one problem that was shortly resolved. I finished it this afternoon. Finally. I would imagine it took 30 hours of work over the weekend. The trouble is I don't like having things hanging in the air, when I start something I have to get it done. Otherwise the summer is passing good. We are looking forward to the Tour de France outreach this weekend. I am going to attend a funeral tomorrow of a lady who came often to the church. Later in the day we were invited to picnic at the lake with some friends. Micah talked to one of his friends on the phone today. It was very funny. His accent, his expressions, just the way he talked was funny. Neither one of them knew how to converse over the phone. Angie got some of it on video. I would attach it, but I don't imagine that you would understand much. Sunday afternoon I did take a break and played some basketball, but I ended up pulling a muscle in my groin/hip area. It doesn't hurt as long as I don't move a certain way. That made it okay to sit and work at the computer. The kids have enjoyed summer. They play a lot and take dips in our little swimming pool. Lilia has gone to the public pool with friends a few times. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Lilia was accepted on the swimming team next year.  Angie has been trying to stay cool.  God bless, JASON

Some horses walked up while we were filming on the hill
overlooking Limoux.

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