Monday, July 18, 2011


Wednesday evening there were fireworks in Limoux.  The French "independance" day was Thursday but Carcassonne has their famous firework show in that day so most of the cities in the area have theirs on Wednesday.  We arrived early and spent 30 minutes looking for some friends that we were supposed to meet up with. We ended up being on the wrong side of the river and had to cross back over.  The fireworks were nice, they started out with the Canoe association, canoeing down the river with laterns on their canoes.  They then shot off the fireworks from the bridge. Afterwards they had an orchestra and ballroom type dancing in the square, but it started raining heavily.  We stayed for a little while visiting under the covered areas and then headed home. We decided late thursday to attend the fireworks in Carcassonne.  I did not really want to go, but we needed to make the trip to Carcassonne anyways and so we finally decided to stay for the fireworks.  We actually found a good parking spot close to a friends house.  We walked a little ways before finding a nice hill to view the fireworks from.  The show was awesome again this year.  Caleb made a friend who almost talked during the entire show.  After the grand finally we walked back to the car and started making our way slowly out of town.  It was one in the morning by the time we made it home.  The kids were exhausted after being up late two nights in a row, but it all went well.  Now time to focus on preparations for the Tour de France.  God bless, JASON

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