Monday, August 1, 2011

Sun will come out

Arianna looks upat me with those
big brown eyes.
Last week ended well.  The sun came out and it started to get warmer.  That allowed me to get the yard mowed and cleaned up.  We also got some items purchased online for my parents to bring with them.  I got an appointment to look at a house in Limoux. It is in a good location at a good price, but it all depends on the interior and the yard.  Services went well Sunday, I brought the devotion for the kids and there were several visitors at the church in Carcassone.  We are looking forward to my parents arriving tommorrow.  They are flying into Toulouse, which is a lot closer to us than Barcelona and also a smaller airport.  We are making final preparations today. Angie has gone shopping again, she lacks only one item to have all the kids school supplies bought.  Arianna is awake now, and so I'll sign off.  God bless, JASON

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