Sunday, August 7, 2011

Parents Visit

Mom and Dad couldn't wait to hold Arianna again.

Angie took this picture from our house, we are those
little dots hiking up the trail.

Mom playing a game with the boys.

Mom and Arianna trying to stay warm
at the beach.

I picked up my parents on Tuesday.  Monday we finished preparing for their arrival.  I also finished reading through the New Testament in French. I pickd up my parents at the airport in Toulouse at 5:15 pm.  It was an easy drive and a small airport, which was great.  We made the trip back no problem and they went to bed soon after supper. Wednesday, Angie and I had an appointment to look at a house, we liked the house and are going to try and get it.  It is in a good location and is roomy.  Wednesday afternoon I had my language session and then we went for a walk. Thursday, us boys went on a hike.  Friday, we went to the market in Limoux.  I set up my stand and everyone else did a little shopping.  I had one stop by and get a Bible and a tract. Friday afternoon we worked on repairing the kids bikes while a thunderstorm rolled through.  It has been different weather than my parents are used to.  In Texas they have not had any rain since May 14th, and it was 110 degrees (46 C) the day they left.  Here it has been cloudy and in the 70s (20c). Saturday we picked up the rental car, visited with the pastor in Carcassonne, did a little shopping.  In the afternoon we headed to the Meditteranean to go swimming.  The traffic was bad but we made it after 2 and a half hours, it was sunny and warm when we left, but when we arrived it was cool and cloudy. We had a good time anyways.  We made the trip back home in the normal hour and a half.  Suday we attended the services in Carcassonne. I resided over the services (led singing, brought the devotion, and kids lesson).  Dad brought the message while the pastor translated for him.  We listened together to the services in Walnut Street.  Tommorrow, not only are Angie and I celebrating our 13th year of marriage we will be making a trip to Normandy with my parents.  We are looking forward to seeing the sites there even though the drive will be long.  I will hopefully blog again at our return.  If you would like more information and pictures, you can check out my dad's blog by clicking here, or the link to the right.  God bless, JASON
The boys liked getting hit by the waves.

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