Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Summer

The birthday party pick.  We had two cakes !

Andrew fell asleep in the car, Arianna
would play with his hand.

We have enjoyed the last few days with my parents.  We returned the rental car on Monday and spent some time shopping.  I picked up a Petanque set for dad's birthday.  He enjoyed playing with us and so I hope he can introduce the game to the States.  Monday afternoon we had an early birthday party for Dad and for Arianna. Tuesday evening we attended the Bible Study in Carcassonne.  We had some friends eat lunch with us Tuesday.  Wednesday evening, Mom and Dad watched the kids and let Angie and I go out.  We had a nice supper together and then helped the church in Carcassonne with their outreach at the walled city.  The team Mission Vacances (United Beach Mission) has come to help with outreach this week.  They will be helping us out here in Limoux on Friday.  At the walled city they set up a stand with some tracts and sing and few songs and have a testimony time.  There are usually a couple of contacts made, mostly tourists.  My parents and I, along with Lilia and Caleb, left the house this morning at 5am to drive them to the airport in Toulouse.  We really enjoyed their visit.  I know that the kids are really going to miss them, especially Arianna.  The weather warmed up these last few days and it looks like we are finally having a summer. It got up to the upper 90's yesterday for the first time and should be even warmer today.  It is back to work now.  I need to finish preparing the paperwork for the house in Limoux that we are trying to get. We are looking forward to the outreach tomorrow.  I will most likely haave my stand at the market, while others go door knocking and some pass out tracts.  Today is my Dad's birthday and we figured out at lunch time that this will be his longest birthday, 41 hours long. God bless, JASON

We also repaired the kids bikes.

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