Sunday, August 28, 2011

Preparing for preparing

Eating supper with my parents and some friends.

My dad and I
 The week ended well.  Most of last week seemed to be preparation for this week, which is preparation for school starting and our trip to Greece.  We are still awaiting the response concerning the house.  The kids school starts on the 4th.  Of course the boys will be with us in Greece for the first week.  I had a few good contacts at the market on Friday.  We had the Bible study on Wednesday night, and we had a friend over for supper on Thursday. I played basketball twice this past week, and I can still feel the results of taking those few weeks off.  I also fixed a computer for some friends this past week.  Had my session with my language partner.  Passed some good time with the kids.  We made several pints of Fig preserves from some figs that were given to us.  It was a little time consuming, but we are happy with the results.  We should have the answer about the house by Tuesday.  I need to have an eye appointment this week.  It has been a couple of years since I have had my vision checked.  On Friday morning we are getting some new tires on the car.  They are all pretty run down, and one had a screw in it.  Friday morning was the only opening they had, I am not sure how I am going to do the market, I may just walk down and talk with some of the vendors.  Services were good this morning.  Arianna has been doing well.  I think that she has some back teeth pushing through because she is chewing on her fingers a lot and did not sleep well the last couple of nights.   She has been taking some steps by herself.  I think up to 5 one time.  God bless, JASON

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