Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nodding Off

Saturday I, Angie, went to an "attic empty" or garage sale as we would call it. I was visiting the stand of some friends who are raising money for their daughter to teach in India for a year after high school. I love garage sales. I ended up buying a bath chair with suction cups on the bottom for Arianna for the lovely price of 3 euros ($5). She loves bathtime. Then I picked up Emmanuelle for bible study at our house with Jason and Lilia. They were on the story of Noah in the series through Genesis. Then Jason took Emmanuelle home on the way to Caleb's swimming lesson. After lunch, I did a little grocery shopping and then we let the kids get their little pool out. Arianna loved sitting in her swing and watching the kids play. At supper we noticed that she was so tired she was nodding off in her chair. We got the camera in time for the final nod. Today we enjoyed French mother's day. After church everyone left very quickly for a change. We saw another garage sale in town but this one had BMX bikers and skateboarders entertaining. So we stopped and took the kids to see. We were pretty impressed with some of the bikers doing flips. We bought an item that a friend had been looking for for one euro($1.40). Can't beat that price. We've also been trying to decide what to do for Andrew's 5th birthday. Can hardly believe it is just one week away. Hope you all had a blessed day as well. God bless, ANGIE


Susanna Littleton said...

That is so adorable!!!

Stacie said...

Are you talkin' about me? I wish to inform you that it just so happened that I blogged twice, count them 2 blogs, this past week! ;)

But really, I enjoy your blog. I completely understand how time can get away between blogs. :)