Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hamsters and Hedgehogs

The kids enjoying the slip-n-slide some friends gave us.

Lily the hamster.

Andrew wanted a pineapple cake.

Lilia got our all her petshops.

Me, playing chess with Caleb.

The hedgehog,

Caleb is right in the middle.

Micah, on the front row looking through his hands.
Well I have done it again.  It has been over a week since I have last blogged.  I suppose that is not as bad as some (you know who you are).  Tuesday we had a friend spend the afternoon with us.  Last week the kids were out of school from Wednesday through the weekend.  Thursday was the national holiday of Ascension (celebrating the ascension of Jesus into heaven). We had a good break, however it did rain everyday.  It fact it has rained for the last 8 days.  Because of the holiday, no one came to the Bible study and we did not have the teen Bible study on Saturday.   We have had a few moments of sunshine.  We are babysitting a hamster names Lily, for some friends while they were on vacation. Sunday I led the service at Carcassonne, meaning I was responsible for leading the singing, announcements and prayer requests, scripture reading and meditation, and childrens devotion.  I enjoyed it and think that I communicated well enough to be understood.  I stayed up a couple of nights to watch the NBA finals.  I am hoping that Dallas will win.  Lilia brought a cold home from school last week and it is making its way around the family.  Arianna was down with it for a few days.  Lilia has not been able to shake it and I think it has turned into the flu.  Angie stayed home with Caleb and Lilia Sunday because they were coughing all night.  Lilia had a fever monday night but begged to be able to go to school on Tuesday because her class was getting to tour the Junior High (called College in France).  We let her go and in the afternoon she wanted to go because their school was putting on the end-of-the-year music program.  We let he go again, but soon got a call from the school saying she needed to go home.  She had a fever and came home and took a three hour nap.  I mentioned to Angie that I think that is the longest nap she has taken since the age of about two weeks.  She never has been a sleeper.  Yesterday afternoon we also had a visit from some friends who used to live here, but now serve for a non-profit organization as water engineers in Congo. Coming home yesterday after getting the kids, Angie found a hedgehog on the road wandering around.  She caught it and brought it home.  Hedgehogs are welcomed animals around here because they eat many insects that harm garden plants.  We let him go in our garden.  Andrew's birthday was Sunday, we celebrated on Sunday and Saturday with our family.  He is now 5 years old.  I will let the attached pictures sum up the rest of the activities.  Arianna has been doing good after getting over her cold. She loves to play on the floor and watch her brothers play.  Her favorite toys are the remote controls and paper towels.  God bless, JASON

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