Monday, June 27, 2011

Swimming break.

At our friends pool, the water was cold, but we had fun.

A view of the sunset from our back porch.

Arianna did not like to cold water, she ended falling asleep.
Bible Study went well Thursday night.  We learned some new songs and had some visitors thanks to school being out.  Friday morning, I had a good time at the market.  Actually only one person stopped by, my language helper, but I still feel it was worth the three hours.  Friday, I enjoyed basketball practice and I felt like I played really well, mainly because I frustrated our coach who was trying to cover me.  Saturday was a busy day.  Lilia went to a birthday part at lunch, we spent the afternoon swimming at a friends house, and in the evening we attended an end of year show for one of our friends who does horseback riding.  Sunday services went well in Carcassonne.  I brought the kids devotion time, I felt like I did not do a very good job, however Angie and the kids thought it was good.  I watched the kids while Angie took a nap Sunday afternoon.  It reall warmed up this weekend and got up over 90 degrees.  This morning, I have gotten a lot of paperwork done.  I responded to some letters some kids from the states have written for their Sunday School class.  I also finished filing out our french tax form.  It is now time to go get the kids for lunch.  Remeber to say a prayer for my sister and brother-in-law who are leaving today for a three week trip to Thailand.  Pary for my parents too, who are watching their 5 kids.  God bless, JASON

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