Saturday, May 14, 2011


"L'accident" is french for "the accident".  Yes, French is a difficult language :)  Tuesday afternoon we had some visitors who planned to drop by.  We received a call from the husband saying that they had a wreck and had backed into a ditch.  I immediately drove down to find that had accidently backed off a small cliff, about 30 feet, on our road.  Thankfully they were not seriously injured, just bumps and bruises, even though one was pinned in the car for an hour before released.  We are thankful that they were okay.  The city had been promising to redo our road for a couple of years now, yesterday they had the surveyors looking at it.  We also had a few occasions to speak with some of the neighbors as a result.  The Bible study went well Thursday evening.  We had a good number thanks to several from Carcassonne, including a couple who are passing through that are planning to be missionaries in Mali.  They stopped by as well during the market on Friday morning.  The market went well, I passed out one Bible in English, and one in French.  Today, (Saturday), I had bible study with the teens this morning and this afternoon we visited with the new missionary couple some more and also worked on getting a youth meeting started with the Church in Carcassonne.  I don't know if I mentioned it already, but we did get our French Driver's licenses in the mail.  Looking forward to services tomorrow.  God bless, JASON

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