Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Visiting at the park.

Feeding the ducks.

The Rutherfords serving in Romania.
The Bible Study went well Thursday evening.  We had two first time visitors.  A lady came that met me at the market.  She brought a friend from her that was from Israel.  They seemed very excited about the work and were looking forward to meeting with us next week.  The market went well on Friday morning.  There were just a few regulars who stopped by the stand.  Saturday we had a picnic at the park with a couple of other parents.  We had a good time and were able to visit with them. We also recognized a lady that Angie had met in the Doctors office waiting room while she was pregnant.  We were able to talk with here some and exchange contact information as well.  Sunday services went well.  We spent the afternoon preparing the house for our friends from Romania coming in.  We did get to catch the services at Walnut Street, there was another preacher filling in for my father, who was preaching revival services for another church.  The fill-in preacher was pastor of the church were I was an intern and he did an excellent job.  Our friends arrived without problem and we enjoyed spending the evening catching up with them.  On Monday we took them to the Walled city of Carcassonne, ate at KFC, and did some shopping.  They left this morning to head back to Romania.  Only a few more days of vacation left.  Enjoy the pictures and God bless, JASON

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