Friday, May 27, 2011

Swimming competition

It has been a good week.  Temperatures got up to 90 on Wednesday, but we had a cool front blow through and today the high is 70.  There has not been basketball practice this week, which I am missing, I am planning on inviting another one of my teamates over with his family.  Lilia had a field trip on Tuesday and Caleb has one today.  There were 5 at the bible study last night.  Wednesday was the busy day this week.  Lilia has been making preparations for entering Junior High next year.  She wanted to try out for the swimming team.  Wednesday morning from 10 to 12 they had a test of physical capabilities for everyone who wanted to try out for sports.  We then grabbed a quick lunch to get her to the swimming pool at one that afternoon for her swimming test.  As soon as we arrived we met another parent waiting with her child and they were British.  Then two other British parents arrived.  I was excited to know that she will have other English speakers in her class.  The try out started, I admit that I was a little nervous after they said they would not accept everyone.  They did some warmups - the had to swim for 10 minutes straight, Lilia swam about 400 meters.  They then had some timed swimming with various styles.  Lilia did 50 m backstroke in 1 min 30.  I don't know if she will make it.  Some other girls that were there have been doing swimming for a while.  One girls did the 50m backstroke in 23 seconds, and did twice as many laps a Lilia in 10 minutes.  Lilia doesn't seem worried about it either way.  She has been sore.  Wednesday we also let the kids play on a slip and slide that some friends bought for us.  They really enjoyed it, after I explained to them what to do. A funny thing happened during Bible Study.  Arianna bit her finger and breathed in so hard that she passed out for a couple of seconds.  Looking forward to a nice cool weekend.  God bless, JASON 

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