Monday, May 23, 2011

Motor Show

First Youth meeting, you can see the Castle in the back.

All the monster trucks were US models, this was the first
monster truck in Europe.

Even the Limousine on two wheels.

Self proclaimed largest monster truck in the world.

Andrew and Arianna were playing good together.
Angie and Lilia had a real good time at the youth meeting.  They enjoyed it and took lots of pictures.  Saturday night the kids and I had a wonderful time at the Motor Show.  I was impressed by some of the stunts.  I enjoyed embarrassing Lilia by singing along with the country music they were playing as well.  The show ended late but everyone had a good time.  Sunday services went well.  I gave the kids lesson and I think it went well.  I made the illustrations myself, and I am no artist.  I have put the lesson on my French blog, you will find the link to the right.  The pastor has been doing a series on the 7 saying of Christ from the cross.  Sunday afternoon all the kids were supposed to take a nap, but ended up only one did.  We enjoyed listening to the evening services of our sending church.  My father is doing a series from the book of Jonah.  Today everyone is back to school.  Angie visited with an English lady who lives in town this morning and this evening we were invited to eat supper with some friends.  During lunch today, we were talking about taxes and Andrew said, "We have a car so we don't pay for "taxes" (taxis).  Enjoy the pictures.  God bless, JASON

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