Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Good Week.

Wow, time passes quickly, doesn't it? Seems like just a few years ago, when my 10 year old daughter was born. I rejoice that it is passing because I look forward to seeing my savior. I mourn for those who will not be ready to stand before God in judgement. There will be many surprises in that day. Those who think that just because they have lived a "good" life they deserve to enter heaven. Those that denied the existence of God. Those who have accepted him as savior, but wasted years living for themselves instead of for Him. Are you ready for that day? Are you ready to stand before that one who died in our place and rose again many years ago? What will we say when we stand before our God and Savior?
We have enjoyed the last week. Sunday we visited with two churches and greatly enjoyed being in their services and sharing what God has been doing for us. Monday we went to the zoo (pictured) and ate supper with Angie's brother. Tuesday we visited with a pastor friend of ours and his family. We have been co-workers, neighbors, classmates, and remain friends. Wednesday we visited in the services of one of our sponsoring churches. Thursday, I was blessed to be able to take my grandfather (who will turn 86 this next Friday) to the doctor for his cancer treatment and take my grandmother for her hair apointment. They have been graciously allowing us to stay in their home while we are in the area. Today we are at my parents meeting the newest addition to our family. Elijah, who is the two week old son of my older sister. Tomorrow we are going to a family get-together, Angie's side. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Afterwards we will return to Hillsboro for services at our church, I will be preaching in the evening services. God bless, JASON

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