Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A taste of Texas.

We have had another wonderful week. We have experienced some great experiences this past week. Last week, we went for a walk and I took our kids through a cow pasture. The got a taste of Texas as I showed them how to cross a barb wire fence (pictured) (really important, need-to-know information for young boys in Texas), how to recognize and avoid the thistle and bull nettle(pictured), and what those dark spots are and how to avoid them (pictured). The weekend passed well. Friday we celebrated my grand-fathers 86th birthday. We enjoyed seeing some family at the party. I have a lot of admiration for my grand-father, Jim Taylor. He pastored for more than fifty years. Saturday my father and I helped repair a leaking water pipe in my sisters house, and also ran a new electrical wire for her stove. They have a really nice yard and the her flowers were very pretty, in particual the Azaleas (pictured). Sunday, we visited in two churches and had a wonderful time sharing about our progress and work in France. At one of the churches I met a former professional rugby player. What are the odds? Rare in Texas. Andrew was stung by fire ants (pictured)this past week as well, that is a painful taste of Texas. Yesterday we visited with a Ladies group and shared with them about our work, and afterwards we had a wonderful taste of Texas foods as we enjoyed lunch together. The meeting was held at the church that I grew up attending, so we saw many friends and people I would consider family. We found out that there was going to be a funeral that afternoon for a lady that we knew and so we attended and was able to visit with some good friends of ours, some of which we had not see in 15 years. We ended the day visiting with Angie's younger brother and have now returned to my parents. We are now starting to make some preparations for heading back to France. We need to see how much luggage we are going to need. Enjoy the pictures and God bless, JASON

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Cory Wayne's Brain said...

What? They don't have much barbed wire in France? lol

I'd bet they could use a fire ant or two. I vote for a "Texas Ant Farm"!