Sunday, April 25, 2010

Safe arrival.

We made it back home. The flights went well. We got to Dallas airport without any problems and flew to Newark. The landing into Newark was real rough like last time, but fortunately no one got sick this time. We had a four hour wait in Newark before boarding the flight to Barcelona. Our seats were all seperate, but thankfully the stewardess helped us so that we were closer together in two groups of three. We arrived in Barcelona getting from one to three hours of sleep. We made it quickly through customs to find our friends waiting for us. All the 11 bags made it fine. We loaded up in two cars and made the three hour drive home. We thank our friends who had supper for us and even picked up groceries. We found some things around town look different. We have new neighbors. The house was in order, except there was a leak in the addition and mold was growing everywhere. I had mentioned the leak to the man who did the work before we left so I will have to get back in contact with him. We made it through Saturday allright. Everyone was exhausted, I had a small fever, but we lasted to a reasonable bed time and everyone crashed in their beds. We have quite a bit of unpacking to do and some yard work besides getting everyone back to school and into the routine again. Thanks for the prayers for our safe travel. God bless, JASON

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