Saturday, March 27, 2010

Long Walk

We have enjoyed another week here in the US. This week we came to visit Henderson, the city where Angie and I were raised and were I attended Seminary. We drove around the town for a little bit and it was amazing to see some of the changes that had taken place over the last two years. We stopped and chatted with friends and family as well. Thursday and Friday my Dad and I went for an overnight hike. I enjoyed it. We ended up walking about 10 miles over some rough terrain by the end of the trip. When we were kids we would travel to Tyler State Park for a few days every year as a family and camp out. I have many wonderful memories from there. It was great to be able to visit it again. I have attached a map with the trails that we walked on Thursday (red) and Friday (blue). Today we visited some more family. Sunday I will be visiting, preaching, and sharing in two churches. We have less than a month before our return to France. After trying to help Caleb with French homework, I feel like I will need a week or two once we get back to freshen up my French. We did watch Ice Age III this morning in French and that helped some. God bless, JASON

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Cory Wayne's Brain said...

Your dad is a beast(and I mean that in the best way Your Uncle Steve would always talk about how much he and Paul would hike. Unless there's a fridge at the end(or a putting green), I ain't walking that far!!!! lol