Friday, March 12, 2010

Tornados and Doctors

Here are a few hilghlights from the last few days.

While attending church Wednesday night at the church where the conference is being held. About halfway through the services they announced that we were under a tornado watch. One had been spotted 30 minutes away and had was moving our direction. This was not our first tornado experience. All the kids classes were already moved into the hallways. The dismissed the adults and we took our children and left for our host home. We had some amazing views of the lightning on the way. On the way and after we arrived we saw some amazing lightning. When we arrived we could see on the radar (pictured) that we were right at the center of the storm but a tornado did not form over us.

Angie visited the Doctor, Thursday and was put on a strict diet, no sugar, salt, or carbohydrates, and medicine for the high blood pressure. It will be tough not being able to enjoy many of the foods that she would have liked to have while we are here.

Friday and Saturday, after the seminar ended, someone offered to watch our kids for us so that we could attend the ministers wives retreat. They let the men attend this year. We had a wonderful time, it was short but I really enjoyed the sessions and meeting some new people.

We drove back Saturday afternoon back to my parents, were they were watching my older sisters 4 kids. My older sister is supposed to be having a baby any day. Services went well Sunday, we enjoyed just being back with our home church. Today I had planned on going to a pastors and missionaries conference, but we decided not to attend, we did not want to take the kids out again so soon after getting back. Other attached picture is of a "world" missions cow. God bless, JASON

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