Monday, March 22, 2010

Two States, same day

Things have continued to go well. My sister's new baby, Elijah, was born Friday, finally. He was a week late. We have been trying to keep the kids caught up on their homework. We had been waiting for an email from Caleb's teacher giving his assignments. We got the email a couple of weeks ago, but it just had a few assignements. We printed them and had him work on a few. Then a few days ago we told him to get his homework out, and he brought us a big stack of papers out of his backpack that the teacher had made copies of. Evidently he "forgot" about all of those. We enjoyed the weekend. Sunday we shared with two churches in Palestine and one church in Virginia. That was made possible by phone. The pastor in Virginia had me call during the morning announcements at his church as a "surprise". As a first for me, I shared in four services, in two different states in one day. Attached picture is our kids with their cousins (before the new addition came). They had a wonderful time spending all last week together. God bless, JASON

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