Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We are in France.

I have to remind myself of that fact sometimes. We have been having a good time this week. We took the kids to the park and let them play a couple of times. They have been playing real good together. Angie went and bought all the boys shoes for schools and some clothes. The school supply list should be small. The government purchases some of the school supplies. I need to check out and see of the air matress works today. That would be a good opportunity to get a nap. Tommorrow Angie mentioned taking the kids into to do something. There is a large and nice park that we could take them too. I'll have to look today to see the best way to get there. I also need to make sure that the subway is running for all of it. This time of year they sometimes shut down lines for construction and maitenance. Sadly I have not been able to catch another USA Olympic basketball game. There has always been French Atheletes competing, I did see 16 seconds before they switched to another event. I have not missed much from what the score card is saying. Yesterday I was reading in 1 Peter and chapter 1 verse 7 interested me. Summarized it says that the trial of our faith is more precious that gold. Gold even if it is purified with fire does not last, but our purified faith will result in glory, honor, and praise when Christ returns. Do you have faith in Jesus? Is your faith growing through trials or is it suffering. It is amazing to look back and see how our faith has grown through trials that where our faith will take us in the future. Pictured are the boys with there new shoes and Caleb and me relaxing. God bless, JASON

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