Saturday, August 9, 2008

Anniversary and Andrew

I bought Jason a manly umbrella for our anniversary. He needed a different one. This umbrella was all black (no pink on this one) and it had a flashlight built in to the base of the handle which was a fun guy gadget. But it felt like I didn't really get him anything I guess because it was a last minute purchase with no forethought. I also got raspberry filled pastries that sort of resembled doughnuts (closest thing I've seen) And I got the stuff to make this salsa he likes but that's all. Andrew has been sick so I took him to the doctor yesterday. I had to get out of my small comfort zone I have established here. Since the majority of businesses shut down this month I had to take him to a new doctor. I had to call for the appointment and get directions a little over the phone. I always feel pressured calling a doctor's office because the doctor usually answers and I feel like I am taking up all of his time. But this doctor was friendly and took plenty of time for me. I could go between 5 and 7 pm without an appointment (rendez-vous). I had to wait a while when I got there while Andrew slept but the doctor was nice again and took time for us when it was our turn. We did almost everything in French. (except me calming Andrew, he got upset when the I put him down on the table but he finally calmed down) Then at the end at the desk the doctor asked where I was coming from. I said the US and he was like Oh English! I speak English. Turned out he was French Italian born in Egypt. Anyway we had a nice talk partly in English (nothing spiritual) and then I paid and left. It got a little confusing when I spoke in English. (maybe it was my accent!) But it was nice. I walked home and did not get rained on though it was threatening. We got the medicine this morning because by the time I got home all the pharmacies were closed. The doctor said it was just a cold and hopefully he will be well soon. ANGIE

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