Tuesday, August 5, 2008


August has begun. August was named after Augustus the first emporer of the Roman Empire. Yesterday I went and visited with Yvain. They have decided not to have church with us anymore. They gave several smaller reasons, the biggest I feel was that they do not like the idea of us being church planters. They wanted someone to come and pastor them indefinitely. This is not how we are feeling led. They also expressed a desire to leave France for Canada or at least move to the south of France. We will miss their fellowship but ultimately it is their decision. If you would like further details you can email me, there is too much information to put here. I am glad that they are continuing to have services on their own, and this will open the door for God to show us where he wants us to serve after language school. Tonight we are having a student from the Language school eat supper with us. I think she is the only student still living there. She will be leaving in a few days. She was Lilia's piano teacher and like the other students we will miss her. We are still looking forward and making preparations for the Eastern European Missionary Retreat, it will be a wonderful time of Retreat – Restoration – Refreshment – Recreation – Relationships –Revival and Reentry. What I am looking forward to the most is sitting with friends, face to face, and talking. Another subject - I have had six people in the last two weeks ask me for directions and I was able to help them, in French. I look forward to the end of the year and seeing how far we have progressed. I see it has been a while since Angie has written and I will see if she has anything to say next time. Thanks and God bless, JASON


Bro. Paul said...

change the background color of your blog, it bugs my eyes. you should do a survey on this to see what people prefer for a background.

Stacie said...

Hey Jas, I just want to encourage you and Angie. I know y'all hate see them go. But I want to congratulate you because they were your first church plant. The fact that they want to continue on is good. They can find whomever they want to pastor and you will have accomplished a goal, starting a church in France. I'm looking forward to seeing your next congregation get started, perhaps in your home and organize as well. We love y'all. Keep your chins up!

MissionSEA said...

Sorry to hear about this, but we know God has other plans and other people for you to reach. He'll provide. He always does!