Friday, August 22, 2008

To the dump, kind-of.

Last couple of days have passed good. We had some larger items that needed to throw away, but were too large to put into the trash. On every third thursday they have free curb pick up for larger trash items. We didn't know if we needed to call and schedule and so Angie asked the nieghbor about it and they said you just set it out there and they will pick it up. Works for us. Somewhat different that what we are used to. In Texas you would just throw it into the back of your truck and haul it to the dump. Yesterday we went to the language school to play and some friends of our who were students last year had stopped by for the night. They were traveling to Morocco where they will be working. Their son and our kids played for a while and we decided to order some pizza and eat together. We had a good time. There are some interesting pizza types here. One that we ordered had artichoke hearts on it. I didn't try it but Angie seemed to think that it was very good. At the language school there is a table of stuff that is give away. Yesterday there was a skateboard on the table. Micah had been asking for a skateboard for months. We picked it up for him and he was excited. After every ride he would run up and give me a hug and a kiss and say thanks. This will lead to many future injuries, but for now I'm enjoying it and he is also. Attached is a picture Angie took of Paris. God bless, JASON

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