Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Things have continued to go well for us. I thought that things would get boring during August, but they have not so far. Yesterday, I walked to the post office but gave that up because there was a large line to wait in. I went to the store and after lunch we took the kids to the park for some excercise. We are watching the daughter of our friends and language school classmates. She is in the hospital for minor surgery. It is great to be able to serve. Angie helped teach me that and continues to do so. She always thinks to offer them food or tea. This morning I finished the post office. We were mailing some post cards for a language school student who left before she could get them sent. Also today I have done some research over things to do when our guests arrive later this month and in October. I am also searching for a list of churches in France. I was able to watch the Olympic Basketball team play Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed it. The last I watched was the dream team in 1992. Those were the days. TheyUSA Basketball team lost in Athens 2004. That is why this years team has been dubbed the Redeem Team. They seem to have taken it more seriously. They won against China by 30 points. Spain and Germany seem to be the other big contenders. Sometime me or Angie, or both of us need to go to Cora (like superwalmart) to pick up some larger items for the house (diapers and such). I enjoyed doing some bible study yesterday.
E-sword is the software that I use on the computer. Is is the best free software I have seen and better than many pay programs. If you have not seen it check it out at
http://e-sword.net/index.html . Attached is a picture I took of a weather report on TV. God bless, JASON

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