Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good times

All the kids at the dinosaur museum.

The group at church, Sunday.
We had a lot of good times with our friends.  The Manary family arrived Saturday afternoon and stayed with us until Wednesday.  On Saturday we went and saw the Dinosaur Museum and Hat Museum.  Saturday night Arianna, slept bad and had Angie and I up most of the night.  We all made it to church Sunday, but cancelled our plans to see the Walled City of Carcassonne afterwards.  We ate at KFC and returned home.  Monday afternoon we went to see the Walled city which everyone enjoyed.  Angie and I liked it as well, probably because the kids were in school and not begging us to buy souvenirs.  Tuesday we had a good restful day before they left Wednesday after lunch.  We were very grateful and encouraged by their visit and our kids just loved have new playmates for a few days.  What is really touching is that they were willing to drive here, which took three days.  Just had my language session with Eric.  It is going well, we are working on reading with the right rythym and intonation which is interesting.  French is actually boring rythmically.  Every syllable is pronounced the same and the voice does not change tones as often as it would in English.  It is a hard thing to get the brain to do, but it will come with time and practice.  Eric even had a question about the lesson.  Looking forward to the Bible study tonight and the market tommorrow, weather permitting. God bless, JASON

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