Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Changing Quick

Last week finished well.  We had three present for the Bible Study.  In spite of
 the threatening weather, I set up the stand at the Market.  It went well and there was not any rain.  I was able to hand out one tract and one Bible.  The weekend passed well.  We enjoyed the services in Carcassonne, France and in Hillsboro, Texas.   Monday started two weeks out of school for the kids.  Lilia is signed up this first week for a sports camp of sorts.  She goes the same hours that she would normally go to school to the gym and participates in different sports.  She wanted to spend time with her friends and I hope that she is able to meet girls her age from other schools because they will all be in the Jr. High together next year.  In the afternoon we went to pick up a piece of furniture (pictured) from the pastor in Carcassonne.  It was a nice piece that I thought would fit into our car, it didn't, but we were able to borrow a trailer and get it here.  Thankfully we have a little more storage in our kitchen now.  Arianna has been eating cereal once a day now.  She really enjoys it.  She was real good for us
 for a few days, but now her teeth are bothering her.  She seems to change like the weather.  It has been interesting the last few days with sudden downpours of rain, followed by sunshine.  We saw a beautiful rainbow yesterday (pictured) with some of the brightest colors I have seen.  I will work on my Bible Study lesson today, answer a Bible question that my language helper had, and work on a question that someone asked at the market (I gave them an oral answer, but wanted to write it down as well).    I wanted to attach this video of Andrew eating the other day.  We still have been laughing so much at meal times.  It would be impossible to tell all of the funny things that happen and that we hear at the table.  We did get Andrew to re-enact how he started eating. JASON

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