Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Indoor Hockey

There were three at the Bible Study Thursday.  Friday morning the market was busy as well, as the weather was nice.  A young muslim man stopped by, which surprised me, he noticed the Arabic Bibles that were on the stand I had set up.  He refused the things I offered him and asked if I was a Jehovah Witness, and the moved on.  I gave a large print Bible to the lady, Mona, who runs the stand next to me.  She was very grateful and insisted that Angie come and pick something out for herself from the clothing stand.  The weekend went well. Services were good Sunday.  Angie stayed home with Lilia, Andrew, and Arianna, who were all plagued with colds.  Poor Arianna was just gettting a
routine when this cold set in a few days ago.  At least she is upset for a good reason now.  I wonder if there are any young children that actually enjoy getting their nose wiped.  Sunday evening a brief thunderstorm rolled through.  Storms like that are rare here in France, at least compared with how often they occured in Texas.  For a moment we all stood at the window watching.  Andrew was kind of anxious, but the storm didn't last but a few minutes.  Last night after, Angie let the kids play a game of indoor hockey.  They really enjoyed it.  It wasn't long before all the kids were hot and exhausted. God bless, JASON  

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Stacie said...

That was a cute video! And a great way to use up some of that energy. Did you get in on the fun, Jason? :)