Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Carnaval at Limoux

We are nearing the end of the Carnaval of Limoux.  It is the self proclaimed longest carnaval in the world.  It is every weekend from January to Mars.  It mostly consits of live bands performing folk musique in a parade with costumed groups following along, and a lot of confetti.  I will attach later some pictures of the real carnaval that Lilia and I attended this past Sunday.  They also get the kids involved as well.  Monday morning was Micah's turn to join in a parade around the town square, dressed as a storm tropper. It was Andrew's turn Monday afternoon, his entire class dressed as clowns.  Lilia and Caleb had their turn this morning.  Lilia was a singer and Caleb was zorro.  They had fun and even though it consumed most of our day it was nice to see them and get to visit with the other parents as well.  They all really enjoyed throwing the confetti.  Arianna seemed to enjoy it as well.  She was worn out afterwards, here she is after falling alseep leaning on me.  God bless, JASON


Celia said...

This is a great blog! Thanks for the work you're doing for God in France!!

You and your readers might be interested in a prayer movement that’s been going on for the past dozen years or so led by the French ministry Objectif France. For the past four years, the campaign Pray for France (in English) has been translating Objectif France's 21-day prayer guide with current prayer topics for each day. Pray for France allows English speakers to pray alongside their French brothers and sisters during the three weeks before Easter. There's a free downloadable prayer guide available to everyone who registers! You can find out more at prayforfrance.org/learnmore!

Again, awesome site!


abainfrance said...

Thanks for the comments Celia. I am already registered as a member of the Pray for France group and also have a link in the side bar of this blog as well.