Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeding and fighting

We found the earthwoom before school.
It is Saturday morning and our friends should be arriving in a couple of hours.  Le me take this chance to give you an update of the last few days.  Thursday during recess at school another girl came up and pinched Lilia's shoulder real hard, leaving marks that were still there three hours later.  This particular girl has always caused problems. Lilia wants so much to be friends with everyone that she still hangs out with her.  I went and had a talk with Lilia's teacher, who immediately told Lilia that she should have come and told her.  They talked to the girl and I hope that it resolves that issue.  We also started Arianna on some solid food this week.  I fed her the first time while Angie was shopping and she seemed to really enjoy it.  Angie fed her some more rice cereal last night and she ate it all up.  Arianna has still been generally fussy a lot.  She wants to be held a lot and even then she may not be happy.  Sometimes she gets in a playful mood.  I have attached a cute video of her trying to attack my shoulder.  It rained hard Thursday evening.  We had one come for the Bible study, some regulars were out because the electricity went out at their house.  It was looking like rain Friday morning so I didn't go to the market.  I ended up getting my Sunday School lesson ready and helping Angie set up for our friends.  At Basketball practice last night, we played a scrimmage, full court, for over an hour.  It was good excercise to say the least.  God bless, JASON

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