Friday, February 11, 2011

It's free

Arianna's passport picture.
We have been blessed with beautiful weather these past few days.  Monday and Tuesday, I prepared next weeks lesson so that I could give it over to me new language helper, Eric.  We had a good time together.  He did well in correcting my pronunciation and helped me with words that had a strong American accent.  Wednesday and Thursday I finished this weeks lesson.  Bible Study was good last night, there were four that came.  We are almost finished with our study on the sermon on the Mount.  Yesterday at lunchtime we had a lot of laughter at the table.  We were talking about being right handed and left handed.  To confuse everyone I said, "I can hold up my right hand with my left."  Micah said he could make his right hand his left and just help his right hand up on the left side of his body.  Soon afterwards Angie was opening an ice cream cone for Angie when it slipped out of his hand and landed right in front of Andrew, who said, "Splash!".  Micah tried to stick the top of his cone in his mouth and had it shoot out, he then tried eating it from the bottom up.  My parents printed out this blog in a blog that they sent us for Christmas.  Angie was reading it and came across the time when Micah said he wanted to go to the lake and chase dogs.  We were reminding him about it and asked why he said that.  He replied, "Because the fish will jump in the water so I can chase them."  That's as clear as mud.  I was at the market this morning and one of the ladies that stopped by the stand, just couldn't grasp how all the stuff that was on the stand was free.  I explained several time that she could take whatever she wanted and that it was free, but it was as if she couldn't grasp the concept.  She mentioned that she didn't have any money and had to leave. A man stopped by later and talked my ear off.  He notice the word "Biblical" on the stand and that got him started on the Biblical diet.  I don't think he took a breath between stories for he next 30 minutes. However, I enjoyed talking with him, more like listening to him.  I am going to work on my Sunday School lesson now.  Next week we have some missionary friends from Romania that are going to visit with us.  We are really excited about it.  Also the local inexpensive grocery store, Lidl, is having American week.  We have already visited one time and picked up peanut butter, ranch dressing, muffin mixes, pancake mixes, 1000 Island dressing, and other American things.  Awesome.  I hope you have a good weekend.  God bless, JASON

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