Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Last week went well. Having our paperwork done and
 turned in was a relief.  While there were freezing temperatures and snow in the states, we enjoyed warmer temperatures.  The Bible study went well last week, three were present and we continued our series of studies on the Sermon on the Mount (currently in Matthew 7).  Friday we had a nice family night with the kids.  We had bought a marble obastacle course, where you build up these . . . perhaps a picture would be better than words.  Friday morning, I had a great time at the market.  It was warmer and there were a lot of people out.  Several people stopped by the stand and I passed out a bible, some tracts, and a gospel of John.  I also spoke with a few people who had stopped by before.  Saturday night we had a basketball match.  We lost and I only played about 20 minutes of the whole game, but I did score four points and had three rebounds.  It was at least another chance to hang out with team-mates and get to know
I was proud of my parking job.
 them better.  Sunday services in Carcassonne, went good, Angie stayed home with Arianna and Andrew.  Angie is still trying to get over a cough.  The other kids and I stayed for the meal afterwards and enjoyed visiting.  Sunday night, Angie and I both stayed up to watch the superbowl.  The team I was hoping would win did.  It was nice that Angie stayed up, it was much funner laughing at what the commentators said together.  I think there were only four commercial breaks.  I have a new language helper coming tomorrow, so I am going to get an early start on my lesson.  God bless, JASON

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