Sunday, January 16, 2011

Several contacts

Andrew is excited that he will not longer be the only one
who has hand to his mouth.

Arianna wearing her new hat from my parents.

Lilia had been wanting her hair cut like this
for a couple of years.

Arianna sleeping next to me just now while Angie takes a walk.
There were two present for the Bible Study, thursday night.   One couple was out because of surgery, and another person had a guest.  Friday was a really interesting day.  The Bible stand at the market went well.  I first met a lady who attends the Assembly of God church in town.  After hearing who I was and why I was there, her reply was, "But there is already a church here".  After that point the conversation improved, as I assured her that I was not in competition, I just wanted to see people starting and building a relationship with Jesus.  A middle aged man stopped and got a Bible, he said that he had been looking for one since he heard some things and the books of Timothy and Revelation.  As always I encouraged him to read it and return with questions for me.  Friday afternoon, Angie had a friend that she made at the community meeting last Sunday visit with us.  The converstation was great.  I hope that we have the chance to get to know them better.  Our plumbing was stopped up that afternoon.  I worked on it a little, to no avail, and called the landlord.  After a couple of hours the city worker came by and had us up and running.  While I was picking the kids up from school, Angie got a telephone call from a man who had received one of my cards in a Bible Calender that I had handed out.  It seems he thought that we were Jehovah Witnesses and wanted to give us a piece of his mind.  Finding out that we were not really surprised him.  He ended by saying that he most likely will not come to the Bible Study.  Saturday the package that we had been waiting for these past few weeks came in.  The kids were sooooo excited!  They enjoyed playing with all their Christmas toys from my parents.  Also Saturday, Angie and Lilia got their hair cut. Lilia is turning into a young lady so quickly.  Today we have a few calls to the states planned.  This next week will be a little different because of our appointment in Marseille to get Arianna's birth certificate, passport, and social security number.  I hope that you enjoy the rest of this day.  God bless, JASON

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The Paslay"s said...

Hello Bro Clark, My name is Richard Paslay former pastor in the ABA for many years. I am now retired from pastoring but fill in where needed. MY grand-daughter Mallory Venema is in Lyon France, teaching English to the French kids. I was wondering how far she might be from your location. Her phone number is 209 613 1256 it is an ATT number. Cell. She was there last year learning France and hey ask her come back to teach English. She is a member of the F. M B C here in Oakdale She is very talented and we would love for her to get into a work while in France.
My e-mail is Phone 209 605-7116