Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coffee and Basketball

Arianna reaches out for mommy.

Arianna loves holding and chewing on her blanket.

The kids about to open a package from the grandparents.

Waking Arianna up in the morning.
Let me think about the last time I have blogged and what has happened since then.  We had a good Bible Study Thursday evening, two were present.  Friday morning I met a man at the market I have spoken with several times.  He even came to church with us one time.  I have not seen him during the Christmas break even though I tried to contact him several times. It was good to see him, we took a break and had coffee together and a good conversation.  Friday night we had basketball practice leading to our game on Saturday night.  This was the first and only game I will play in this season, because the rest was on Sunday morning.  The game was good.  We lost by thirty points, but our team was only started two years ago and the majority are new this year, like myself.  I had two rebounds and 8 points.  Coffee and basketball have proven to be good ways to build relationships.  Sunday morning services were good.  We planned on having a restful afternoon because we didn't get back home after the game until almost midnight, but we received a phone call from saying that there was a get-together the community center for the new year.  We enjoyed last years so we packed up the family and drove down the hill.  We had a good time, we were able to meet a family from town and exchange contact information.  The was one funny part for the evening where Caleb got dragged up front to dance with this lady.  He resisted and it was clear he didn't want to be there. All the rest of the family had a good laugh at his expense then Micah ran up to join in the dance.  Monday which is my day off, we shopped and I also scheduled an appointment to get Arianna's birth certificate, social securiy number, and passport.  We will have to drive three hours to Marseille to accomplish all this.  After I made the appointment on the phone, I couldn't help but tell Angie, "Angie, they spoke English!"  Wasn't really expecting that.  Today, we took Arianna for her 4 month appointment.  We will eat lunch with some friends.  After school our kids are having some classmates come over, followed by basketball practice.  God bless, JASON

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