Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Government Organization"

This is one of my favorite oxymorons.  This weeks has been spent mainly dealing with the government.  Tuesday morning we made our trip to Marseille, a pretty place by the way.  Everything went good, we had a little trouble finding the Embassy and it took a while to get throught security, but finally we handed off our paperwork and in a few months, Arianna will have an American birth certificate, social security number, and her passport.  We then decided to swing back by the immigration office in Montpellier because we never got the appointment for Angie and we can't reach them by phone.  (turns out they said they don't answer the phone while they are there - frustrating to say the least)  We had to act French a little.  They said that we should have already received the letter for the meeting and that since it was passed there was nothing they could do, Angie would have to return to the states. We were not going to take that as an answer.  We had to show signs of being real upset and explain that it was their fault, they didn't notive her paperwork in the folder with mine, they sayed they would mail the letter for a meeting for her.  We complained enought that they said we could see the boss.  After the boss arrived, they said they could do the medical visit and interview right away.  Sometimes you have to throw a fake fit (learned that from my dad :)  Angie started waiting for the interview and I had to buy the government stamps to pay.  They are usually sold in Tobaco stores.  The fifth store had some and so Arianna and I returned and we finally finished up there.  Thursday we had one couple come for the bible study, he had just got in from work so we just visited a few minutes, shared some prayer requests and dismissed.  Friday morning we prepared the paperwork for the next step in our visa process.  We took a pause to watch some dances that Micah's class put on.  Arianna had a doctors appointment as well, which is why I didn't go to the market.  Her doctors appointment ended up being cancelled.  We turned on the paperwork that afternoon, found out all that we were missing and will finish it up, hopefully, on Monday.  It is frustrating at times all the paperwork and getting all that they want and need, but that is part of life living in any foreign country.  Picture is of Andrew putting together a puzzle, feels liks what we have done this week.  God bless, JASON

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