Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year

I realized a couple of days ago that we will reach the new year before many of you do. We will start the New Year somewhat the same as last year, sick. It was the flu that was making the rounds this time last year. I have had small fever and been congested and coughing for a couple of days now and a couple of the kids have to. Angie received her drivers license in the mail today, as soon as I feel up to it we will go get them translated, so that we can exchange them. Attached is a picture of the boys in Batman gear they received from a church in the states. We were really blessed to receive several offerings and gifts from others. We pray that you have a happy New Year. God Bless, JASON


David Wang said...

Bonne Année Jason. I'm glad both you and Angie got your CO driver's licenses and now can swap for French ones. Seems you are all now well adapted to life in France and language school is going well. Any new developments about future mission fields in France? I'm glad and thankful that I didn't have to work on Christmas Eve and today NYD, so last night I was able to attend a NYE worship service. Do Christian churches in France have Christmas Eve/NYE services? I hope you all recover from the flu real soon. I didn't get the flu shot this year after having read that the mercury content in the shots can cause brain damage and lead to alzheimer's later on. May the Lord bless your family and continue to lead you all in this year as you serve Him.

abainfrance said...

Hey David,
Yes most churches have some form of service on Christmas eve, not so much for New Years, mostly the young.