Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Angie has returned.

Angie is back and almost recovered. It is good to have her back and she had a wonderful time in Colorado, shopping and visiting. She got her drivers license, that was the main purpose of the trip. I must catch you up on a few Micah-isms. I was giving a bath the other day and said, "Why are your ears so dirty Micah?" He replied, "Because I eat chicken and play outside." And today while we were walking to school he had been quite for most of the walk when he suddenly said, "If I pulled the cats tail I would say sorry."
We took our final test of the semester today. It was difficult and I can not even guess what I made on it. Caleb turns 6 years old tomorrow. I have the urge to make him a lemon cake. Angie had a meeting with Lilia's teacher today. He was real impressed with her progress. Often she does better on vocabulary and spelling test than all the other french students. One of the new language school students child will be in her class starting Thursday. Caleb as well will have one of the their kids in his class. They are both very excited about it. We meet with Caleb's teacher Thursday, and I am really looking forward to finding out how he is doing. We can not get any information out of him. Tomorrow we will celebrate Calebs birthday, take the kids to the Library and get a replacement cell phone (ours has slowly deteriorated after it was washed). God bless, JASON

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