Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snowy Day

The weekend went well. We had a good time with our guests. We took them to church with us Sunday and Angie translated the services as best as she could. The speaker spoke real fast and so it was hard to keep up with the translation. Yesterday the temperature dropped down to around freezing and it stayed right about there all day. Right now it is snowing outside. I am staying home with Andrew who had a small temperature this morning. We have a busy week ahead of us. This evening Lilia has piano practice and Angie will get her haircut and take a test that she will miss at the end of the week. We also have a couple coming to visit for a little bit after the kids go to bed tonight. The husband is french and the wife is Canadian, but she doesn't speak french so it has been difficult for her to make friends. Wednesday, I have a meeting with our teacher to go over my sermon for Friday. Also Wednesday our school choir is giving two concerts at nursing homes in the area. I hope I can get a video clip of it to post. Tomorrow, Angie leaves for Colorado and so I will escort her to the airport. There is a new missionary family arriving at the airport about the same time and so I will travel back with them to school. They have five children and a lot of luggage and so I am thankful for this opportunity to help. Friday night we have a concert at the language school of people singing Christmas songs in different languages. Saturday the kids have a practice for a Christmas program they are bringing Sunday afternoon. It will be harder to accomplish all this with Angie gone, but it will keep me busy so I won't have a lot of time to miss her. Attached pictures are Angie and Nikki, Lilia and Gemma, and the snow falling. God bless, JASON

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