Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Arrives.

We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday we had a thanksgiving dinner with our friends. It was great. Sunday services went well, the Pastor spoke from John 8 about two ways of not understanding, not understanding and asking for and explanation, and not understanding and therefore not believing. Actually what he said was, "Je ne comprende pas, Aide-moi
à comprendre, ou je ne comprends pas donc je ne crois pas", but you get the idea. We picked up some stuff after church for Christmas, including the Christmas tree (le sapin de Noël). Yesterday (Monday) we set it up because we had a lot of homework to do Sunday night. It looks nice but we did not put the lights on it yet so I will post a picture later. I'll end with another Micah moment. He was talking in his sleep the other night and said clearly, "I didn't do it. God bless, JASON

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